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Prodex supports the definition of Strategy and Process, the training and empowerment of people and the implementation of technologies which drive Innovation success. We offer an integrated range of services which support our mission to enable excellence in New Product Innovation.

We will empower you to make better, faster and smarter decisions

At Prodex, we believe best practice knowledge is the key to successful Innovation Governance. Our Consulting services, support and educate businesses with the best strategies for effective innovation management which are the key to sustained business growth and profitability. By growing knowledge in key innovation practices, a company can successfully grow its business and achieve excellence in New Product Innovation.

Process & Project Management  |  Portfolio Prioritisation & OptimisationInnovation PlanningIdea & Concept Development

Our consulting approach is closely aligned to the Dr Robert Cooper’s, the “World’s #1 Innovation Management Scholar” and creator of the Stage-Gate® Process. Prodex specialises in the best practice implementation of;

Process & Project

Audit, develop and implement best practice innovation processes. Enable Stage-Gate® to empower your executives to make better faster decisions.

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Portfolio Prioritisation & Optimisation

Ensure your portfolio is having the greatest impact on your business and delivering the greatest return on investment.

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Innovation Planning

Make sure you have a plan to keep ahead of your competition and plan for latest market trends, become proactive instead of reactive.

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Idea & Concept Development

Identify the latest technologies, market trends consumer behaviours to create new ideas and opportunities to grow your innovation portfolio.

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Best practice companies focus on the effective execution of products using the Stage-Gate® process. The process clearly identifies, through a series of gates, which products should be “killed” or go to market. Companies can greatly improve their productivity with the use of Systematic Innovation Governance. Dr. Robert Cooper has identified the Stage-Gate® process as one of the four points of the Innovation Diamond which is critical to the success of a new products program.

Prodex Systems has extensive experience in the development and implementation of Stage-Gate® processes and has assisted many companies to overhaul their existing processes, increase buy-in and improve the quality of gate decisions. Prodex Systems partner with Dr Robert Cooper to deliver masterclass training on Stage-Gate® and related best practice methods through both public and in-house workshop programs.

Portfolio Prioritisation & Optimisation

An effective portfolio management system is vital for businesses to succeed in innovation. The implementation of an effective portfolio management system offers higher margins on products that have been on the market. For companies pursuing a “fewer bigger- better” philosophy, effective portfolio management is vital.

Prodex Systems has implemented portfolio management systems for leading companies in the consumer healthcare, food, pet care and construction materials sectors.


Drawn from the strategic product planning process, our portfolio planning processes are tailored to suit the needs of each individual business. We use an “Innovation Dashboard” framework to define the key performance and monitoring criteria for effective management of your innovation portfolio.

Our definition of effective portfolio planning methods is designed for integration with Stage-Gate® process models that can be integrated with technology to provide automated real-time portfolio management reporting.

Idea & Concept Development

Best practice companies focus not only on the effective execution of projects (Stage Gate), but also on the quality of inputs as new product ideas. When used in conjunction with strategic roadmapping, ideation activities can be clearly focused on the opportunities which arise from market and technology trends.

Additional approaches include lead user research and ideation campaigns, such as brainstorming events with customers and suppliers. Prodex Systems can support your ideation program through the definition of multiple idea processes and the facilitation of ideation events.

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