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Accolade® is recognised as the leading enterprise innovation management software solution. The Accolade® software suite is the first in the industry to provide end-to-end support for strategic road mapping, idea development, product portfolio management, and innovation process execution.

Best-in-class software, domain expertise and best-practices for best results

Sopheon’s powerful combination of software, people, content and best practices across the entire enterprise with specific vertical industry innovation solutions ensures the success of your innovation governance processes resulting in improved innovation performance, corresponding to the unique requirements of your business.


According to research by Nielsen, companies that have gated innovation processes average 130% more new product revenue than companies with informal processes.

Gated or phase-based innovation processes (one of the most well-known of which is the Stage-Gate® process) are the backbone of innovation for many companies. For over 75% of businesses today, gated processes are the means by which they bring new product ideas and strategic innovation initiatives to life.

Gated processes are specialized business processes used by business teams and executive decision-makers to ensure the best use of limited resources with the strategic business investments most likely to benefit the company.


Best-practice companies quickly eliminate losing projects and kill innovation initiatives that don’t score well – earlier is better – resulting in more focus on initiatives that score well, thereby saving costs and reducing resource constraints.

Knowing which innovation projects to fund and which to kill is vital to the success of your innovation initiatives and the future of your business. Best practices for managing innovation processes and projects always ensure that you are continually focused on doing the right projects – those that represent the greatest strategic, revenue and profit value to your company.


Strategic Portfolio Planning and Project Portfolio Optimization solution capabilities enable you to identify optimal investment scenarios, ensuring fewer, bigger and better projects in your portfolio, and to align short-term and long-term innovation and new product development activities with strategic priorities and financial targets.


This big-picture, long-term view will help business leaders in your organization stretch their thinking beyond the short-term and focus on those market needs of highest-value for growth opportunities in the future. Regardless of your specific time horizons, the Roadmapping process to develop strategic roadmaps is the proven approach for success.

You can’t just focus on stacking existing projects without considering the strategic planning needed to consider the real business objectives of “where should these projects take us in the long-term?”


Effective innovation planning processes help you and your business identify gaps and develop the right new product innovation strategy to ensure business growth and success over all time horizons.

If you need to develop and coordinate longer-term market, product and technology strategic plans, consider using the Roadmapping planning process.


Many organizations have too many low-value projects and low success rates – frequently due to lack of portfolio resource planning capabilities and processes:

59% say their resources are “stretched too thin” because of too many active projects1, and

40% of resources spent are wasted on unsuccessful products.2

The results are astounding, yet fairly common across organizations. Gaps in alignment, resource constraints and low success rates of new products all hinder innovation performance due to lack of sufficient portfolio resource planning.


Organizations invest in capital expenditure projects to create value for the future of the company. Unfortunately for most, projects aligned with strategy aren’t always prioritized or capital is allocated without considering the organization’s entire CapEx portfolio.

Make effective funding decisions based on a top-down view of CapEx project progress, ensuring all CapEx projects are aligned with corporate strategy.


Executing on strategy and developing winning new products in fast changing, disrupted markets require alignment and collaboration between many people in different business groups across the organization – marketing, operations, research and development, finance, legal, etc.

Increasingly external collaboration channels also play a role in the innovation process – customers, suppliers, market research sources, and other participants in a global supply ecosystem.


Innovation idea generation presents the challenge of creating bigger and better ideas and concepts – not just more ideas and concepts. Innovation idea generation should focus on adding high-value new ideas at the front of the innovation funnel, and then on developing those ideas into concepts and higher-value products that move through the pipeline and out into the market.


‘Good’ decisions are based on the availability of ‘good’ information − having meaningful, trusted and current data at your fingertips at the moment you need it.

Business leaders driving decision-centric processes should be drawing on comprehensive information that is generated internally as well as gathered from outside the company.


The power and scope of innovation analytics and new product development (NPD) analytics has greatly expanded with the advent of ‘big data’, which is a collection of structured and unstructured data from multiple sources inside and outside your company that is used for discovery and analysis. As the amount of data inside organizations grows and more data becomes available from external sources, big data and analytics will become a key basis for your innovation and competitive success

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is commonly defined as the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from inception through development, manufacturing, service and eventual retirement and disposal. PLM software systems generally start at the product concept stage and focus on the design, engineering, process and product specifications for producing the conceived product.

But in the overall business context, this is not the entire product lifecycle. Many important due diligence considerations and business decisions need to take place at the front end, before you have viable product concepts for development.


Sopheon’s Accolade solution covers all four Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) market segments. Companies behind many of the world’s leading brands use Accolade for their NPD PPM strategies, initiatives and projects. A number of Accolade customers are IT divisions of large companies who use the software for managing and planning IT solutions, applications, technologies and resources.

Accolade powers some of world’s largest industrial engineering and construction capital projects, including massive chemical industry projects.


Effective organizations are transforming how they operate and are investing in end-to-end software like Accolade to realize digital strategy. By digitally connecting their strategic initiatives with operational execution activities, companies have a single version of the truth that creates visibility, alignment and accountability to close the strategy-execution gap.

Thanks to better decisions and more visibility, outcomes like organizational capabilities, technologies, and products can be developed faster.


Effective innovation planning processes help you and your business identify gaps and develop the right new product innovation strategy to ensure business growth and success over all time horizons.

If you need to develop and coordinate longer-term market, product and technology strategic plans, consider using the Roadmapping planning process.

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Dynamically manage shifting investments and initiative re-prioritizations due to changing markets with Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management software. Measure the success of these initiatives while steering your organization towards realizing growth goals.

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Accolade Express for Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is an out-of-the box offering that quickly and economically provides innovation management (NPD) capabilities to any business aiming for successful new product development, commercialization and introduction. Get up and running in six to eight weeks and rapidly see the positive impacts Accolade brings to businesses like yours.


Gain the complete power and functionality of Accolade with increased speed to value using Accolade Cloud. Flexible purchasing and deployment options give you the ability to choose the options that best meet your infrastructure and financial needs. Be up and running with Accolade quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.


Mobile access to work-related information is now considered routine. Innovating from anywhere with Accolade Go can improve your innovation performance and business success by allowing you to make better, faster decisions on the go.


Every organization has specific needs and requirements for data exchange between Accolade and other systems and business applications. We employ a variety of technical approaches for data integration to a broad range of third-party applications, keeping data visible, transparent, and usable for fostering decision-making and improving cross-functional collaboration.


Fast-track the implementation and adoption of innovation and new product development (NPD) processes and improve time-to-value by leveraging Accolade Accelerators.

Built on Sopheon’s deep domain expertise gleaned from 250+ implementations for some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies, Accolade Accelerators deliver innovation process best practices, structure and rigor that quickly improve business performance.