Inspired Empowered Realised

Our passion is to optimise the return on your innovation investments through Systematic Innovation Governance

We are your Innovation partners

Prodex Systems is a specialist provider of innovation Consulting, Training and Software services implementation which facilitate best practice management of new product development through Systematic Innovation Governance in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Our Capabilities

Innovation Inspired


Prodex supports the definition of Strategy and Process, the training and empowerment of people and the implementation of technologies which drive Innovation success. We offer an integrated range of services which support our mission to enable excellence in New Product Innovation (NPI).

Innovation Empowered


Prodex provides a range of customised and in-house training workshops to ensure your business is aligned with best practices in successful product development. We are also in partnership with some of the world’s leading innovation academics & practitioners to offer innovation Masterclasses.

Innovation Realised


Prodex is the Australasian re-seller of the Accolade® product suite by Sopheon. The Accolade® software suite is the first in the industry to provide end-to-end support for strategic roadmapping, idea development, product portfolio management, and innovation process execution.

Making the transition
from average to
best practice

Our innovation processes are world class and based on the most up to the minute best practice models and research from the top industry experts and academics and have been proven to increase your innovation portfolio’s profitability.
Our consulting approach is closely aligned to the Dr Robert Cooper’s, the “World’s #1 Innovation Management Scholar” and creator of the Stage-Gate® Process. Prodex specialises in the best practice implementation of;
Process & Project Management
Portfolio Prioritisation
and Optimisation
Idea & Concept Development

Who we are

Our passion as a specialist provider of Consulting Training and Software Implementation services is to optimise the return on your innovation investment which facilitates Systematic Innovation Governance.

Prodex Systems focusses on supporting our clients in achieving Product Development Excellence. We work with senior management teams to foster and grow the overall organizations Innovation maturity development in a collaborative environment.

We see ourselves as part of your team in which we are just as motivated to create success, as your most high performing and valued employees.

Our satisfaction comes from being part of your success and being able to make a difference in your organisations future. We will become your innovation partner.


We provide our clients with the highest standards of excellence on every project.


We work hard to ensure we deliver the highest standards for all our clients.


We specialise in only the best practices in Systematic Innovation Governance


We take a holistic view and align our actions to ensure the utmost benefit to you, our valued clients. 


We always treat all those we work with, with honesty and respect.


We do what we say we will do. Our word is our bond.

Why we do it

over 0%
of Fortune 500 companies use Stage Gate®
increase on investment in new product innovation
Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted Stage Gate® methodologies for management of Innovation Projects. Our Systematic Innovation Governance model has demonstrated a 30% to 70% increase on the investment in new product innovation.

of companies can’t tell
whether their portfolio is
aligned with strategic targets

make investment
decisions based on politics
rather than data

of new products
miss profit targets

of new product
developments miss
product launch date

have a gap in alignment
between product development growth strategies

lack feasibility and
risk data for Innovation
& NPD projects

of innovation ideas
do not support
business strategies

of businesses
have too few high
value ideas

Our framework

Our framework identifies key drivers and capabilities, most innovative and successful companies use to make better, quicker decisions to enable speed to market and increased agility. 

Increase Portfolio
Value by 75-100%
Align and optimize product portfolios with strategic targets


Reduce Time to
Market by 15-30%
Meet product launch dates, secure competitive advantage and improve profit margins


Increase Product/Initiative
Success by up to 50%
Focus on the right projects at the right time to see success rates skyrocket


Reduce Costs by
Optimally drive cost takeout initiatives to achieve financial and strategic goals

Prodex Innovation
Maturity Assessment

Prodex has developed an Innovation Maturity Model to aid benchmarking and improve innovation management capabilities.
A maturity assessment provides a benchmark of current capabilities and creates a map of our customers “maturity journey”.
Highlights strengths and weaknesses in your innovation capabilities, and adoption depth and breadth.
Identify and prioritise areas you might want to address first to improve your innovation performance.
Gives you a clearer understanding of how Prodex can most quickly deliver value and a return on investment

Our valued clients

We work with leading businesses who have prioritised growth through innovation. We support and enhance their innovation capabilities and maturity, thereby increasing the effectiveness of their product portfolios.

What our customers say

Our team

We have a dedicated team, led by Managing Director and Senior Innovation Consultant Gerard Ryan. Prodex’s integrated service model is aligned with global best practices and is delivered in partnership with world leading consultants and solution providers including Dr Robert Cooper, “Winning at New Products” and Dr Irene Petrick “Intel & Industry 4.0”

Gerard Ryan is Managing Director and Principal Consultant of Prodex Systems Australasia.

Gerard is also the Prodex’s Senior Innovation Consultant, Trainer and experienced keynote speaker in Systematic Innovation Governance models.

For the last 15 years, Prodex has focused on inspiring and empowering businesses to implement innovation systems to grow their businesses and bring best new practices to his clients throughout the Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Gerard is passionate about bringing leading best practices to Prodex clients and building long-term relationships. In addition to this, Gerard consults with and coaches’ executive teams and their leaders to transform businesses through the implementation of Systematic Innovation Governance.