Strategic excellence means that a company can see over the horizon

This interactive workshop is designed to develop the capability to create integrated technology and strategy roadmaps, linking customer insights and unmet needs with potential technology and Product solutions.

Roadmapping is a tactile activity and the format of this workshop is very much about “learning by doing”. Exercises conducted throughout the workshop will allow active learning, embedding the skills required for your business to continue its use of Roadmapping on completion of this event. Manual roadmapping materials will be used and provided as a record of the exercises conducted and as a toolkit to allow continued use of the techniques.

Two other key elements of this workshop offer unique learning opportunities for participants: Workshop keynote presentation and support from Dr Irene Petrick – Professor at Penn State University and Director of Strategy at Intel; and technical support on Roadmapping including the capacity to build Roadmaps “on the fly” using Sopheon’s Accolade software solution.

The Presenters

Irene-Petrick-ImgDR. IRENE PETRICK
With over 25 years in new technology planning, management and product development, Irene Petrick has become one of the World’s most renowned roadmapping experts. Irene holds a PhD in Engineering Science and Technology Management, is a Professor at Pennsylvania State University, and has authored/coauthored over 95 publications and presentations which have been presented across the United States, United Kingdom and Asia. In addition to her academic work, Dr. Petrick advises companies on technological strategies, product and system development, collaborative supply chain management and strategic roadmapping. More than 65 companies have benefited from her expertise and knowledge, including Boeing, Intel and Motorola.

Gerard-Ryan-ImgGERARD RYAN
As the principal and founder of Prodex Systems, Gerard Ryan supports the implementation and evolution of best practice innovation governance solution for leading global businesses throughout the Asia Pacific region. He has worked closely Dr Robert Cooper for more than 10 years and is a widely recognised as the leading authority on Stage-Gate and portfolio process
management in this region. Gerard has been the VP of product development in leading automotive plastic businesses and has taught new product management in university MBA and MTM programs in both Australia and Singapore. His clients are leading chemical, consumer goods, industrial, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical businesses.

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